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An air plant lays on its side, with the tip pointed toward the top right. It grows in a star-like pattern, with powdery leaves. At the tip of the plant, the leaves are red.

Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii
$ 13.00 - $ 13.00

A rarer variety of Ionantha, Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii grows in a star-like pattern with powdery green leaves and red tips. Ionantha vanhyningii is a hardy air plant, needing little attention. A great choice for a shelf in a bright spot! Each plant measures between 3"-5" across.

You will receive one Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii. We recommend plenty of bright, ambient light. Due to its trichomes, this plant does not need as much water as other Tillandsia, but will still appreciate a misting every few days or a thorough soak once a month.

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