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Tillandsia pruinosa guatemala: a closeup of an air plant with wavy arms and a bulbous base. There is a slightly fuzzy texture to the plant that almost looks like white powder.

Tillandsia Pruinosa Guatemala Large
$ 10.00 - $ 10.00

Tillandsia Pruinosa Guatemala is a charming air plant covered with fine, fuzzy hairs called trichomes. Wavy, curly leaves grow from a bulbous base and flush a mauve color when the plant is ready to produce its bright, pink bloom. A stunning variety to include in a terrarium or to add to your collection!

Tillandsia air plants are easy to grow in your home. Without true roots, they can be added to a terrarium, glued to driftwood or set on a shelf. Mist the leaves with water every other day. Submerge the plant in water for 10 minutes once a week and turn upside down to fully dry. Tillandsia air plants make it simple to include living greenery in your life!

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