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Tillandsia Usneoides

Tillandsia Usneoides
$ 15.00 - $ 15.00

Tillandsia Usneoides is an air plant most people know in its dried form as Spanish moss. Versatile in a wide array of crafts when dried, it is even more appealing as a lush and living plant! Soft, flexible, pliable stems curl and twirl in and around each other to form thick bunches. Tease them apart or enjoy them as a single, lush mass. Display hanging from a rough branch indoors for a rustic element, from driftwood, a plaque or sprawling across a bookshelf.

Usneoides Spanish moss needs good air circulation and does best hanging. It need bright light, but should never be in hot, direct sun. Mist frequently and thoroughly, so the plant never dries out. Use purified or distilled water - never chlorinated or softened water.

Make room in your collection for Usneoides Spanish moss!

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