Begonia longicilliata – Succulence

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Formerly known as Begonia sizemoreae, Begonia longicilliata hails from mountainous regions of northern Vietnam and Laos. This Begonia came into our knowledge relatively recently, having been "discovered" in the early 2000s.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 11 (hardy down to 40 degrees F)

Special Features & Facts:
Unlike many Begonias in cultivation, B. longicilliata is mildly drought tolerant! With ideal care, this plant puts out darling little pink blooms from winter through summer. The name "longicilliata" refers to this unusual plant's long white hairs, which it uses to efficiently absorb humidity from the air.

Care Instructions:
Begonia longicilliata can grow up to 2 feet tall when given plenty of humidity! Humidity should be at least 40% to prevent leaf drop. It likes to stay consistently moist, but soil should not stay wet or soggy.

You can propagate this plant by splitting its rhizomes, or by leaf. Seed is possible as well, but takes a really long time!

Watch Out For: overwatering! Begonia longicilliata will not tolerate sitting in water. Water this one when the soil is dry about an inch down from the surface.



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