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For all the lovers out there: Ceropegia woodii is the best gift, hands down. Fast-growing and easy-going, who can say no to a shower of love raining down on them from a hanging pot?

Hardiness: This plant can live outside in USDA Zone 11-12 all year. It typically enjoys temperatures between 50-90 degrees F (can occasionally handle 40 degrees).

Light: Bright indirect with some direct. East or South windows are good, keep away from the hot glass of a west window.

Growth Habit: Trailing/vining. Grows out of a caudex that can reach 4" tall, and the vines can grow up to 13 feet in the wild, but more likely to reach about four to six feet indoors. Leaves generally grow up to 1-2cm.

Propagation: Stem cuttings which can be rooted in water, or soil if you remove leaves from the bottom node.

Special Features: This plant is in the family Apocynaceae, and is closely related to Hoya and Dischidia. The tubular shape of the flowers temporarily trap in flies, which subsequently pollinate it. The variegated string of hearts is the same species, though it typically possesses achlorophyllous margins and has a nice pink color.

Watch Out For: mealybugs and root rot!

Arrangement Tips: This plant is pretty fast growing and will therefore trail prolifically, though these plants, despite their succulent nature, appreciate humidity and perform wonderfully in closed, tropical terrariums.



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