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Show of hands: was your first houseplant a pothos? This plant is a classic, instantly sprucing up any office and low light corner with its long vines and unbreakable resolve. It may have a reputation for being "basic," but why fix a thing that isn't broken?

That brings us to Epipremnum pinnatum 'Njoy,' also known as 'Pothos 'Njoy!'

Lighting: ‘NJoy’ prefers bright, indirect light to partial shade. Direct sunlight will damage the leaves. Low light will cause the variegation to fade. It will grow well under a fluorescent light source.

Hardiness: Usually this plant lives indoors, but can be outdoors in zones 10-11 (That's us in San Francisco!)

Mature Size: 6-9" tall and can trail and climb up to 10 feet. The leaves fenestrate (aka split) like a Monstera deliciosa when they climb high and get big enough!

Propagation: This plant does not not flower frequently so stem cuttings in water is a common propagation method. Cut below a node or two with at least four leaves attached and place in clean room temp water. Make sure to transplant to soil quickly when roots are small so it can easily adapt to soil. Alternatively, the trailing stems will root once they come into contact with soil.

Special Features: The leaves are heart-shaped with beautiful white and green variegation. The variegation will fade to dark green when the plant is not receiving enough light.

Care Instructions: Water when the soil is dry down to about one inch in depth. 'NJoy' uses very little water and benefits from well-draining soil. Reduce watering in the winter. 'NJoy' requires very little fertilizer but can benefit from a light balanced fertilizer once a month.

Prune back when stems become leggy and to keep at a desired size. You can wipe the leaves with Neem oil or rubbing alcohol to clean and prevent/remove pests.

Watch Out For: Be careful to not overwater, as Pothos can easily suffer from root rot.

Arrangement Tips: This plant can typically grow with other Pothos cultivars but make sure there is enough room in the pot for both to thrive. 'NJoy' works great in hanging baskets for trailing or you can add trellis or moss poles and let 'NJoy' climb.



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