Gasteria batesiana 'Barberton' – Succulence

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Common name: Knoppies Beestong (translates to "Animal Tongue Buttons," referencing the cat's tongue-like texture of the leaves)

Special Facts & Features:
This succulent has uses in traditional folk medicine: their mottled leaves are believed to possess camouflage properties which can be passed to humans who wash with the leaves. These are descended from specimens collected in Barberton, in the area of Mpumalanga. This area's name means "the place where the sun rises" and has much archaeological history of early hunter-gatherer settlement.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 9b-11b (hardy down to 30 degrees F)

Care Instructions:
Place in an area with an hour or so of direct exposure and plenty of very bright indirect light. Gasteria batesiana 'Barberton' tolerates partial to full shade. Water deeply once every one to two weeks or when the soil is fully dry.

Watch Out For:
Watch out for insect pests and mold problems; highly textured leaves can be prone to both.

Arrangement Tips:
Arrange with other shade loving succulents or with some nice rocks. These grow on rocky outcrops, shallow soil pockets, and cliffs in frost free river valleys; so trying to mimic the habitat always make them look more at home!



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