Haworthia fasciata – Succulence

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Haworthia fasciata is a special plant in the history of Succulence: it was the original succulent that started our founder Ken's succulent obsession. Like Succulence, Ken's original succulent is still alive and thriving today, which truly speaks to the resilience and fortitude of Haworthia fasciata!

Special Features:
This plant is well-beloved for its stripes, which has rightfully earned it the nickname 'Zebra Plant' (not to be confused with the tropical houseplant Aphelandra squarrosa). Unusual closed white blooms appear on a long stalk when the plant gets plenty of sun. Haworthia fasciata can bloom multiple times in one year!

Care Instructions:
I cannot stress enough how hardy Haworthia fasciata is to neglect and low light conditions!
That being said, Haworthia fasciata will be its happiest self when given full sun and watered thoroughly when the soil is completely dry. Depending on your light, this often means every two to three weeks.

Watch Out For:
Root rot! Haworthia fasciata cannot sit in water at all. Always err on the side of underwatering, and always use a well-draining potting medium such as succulent soil.

Arrangement Tips:
Haworthia fasciata is a showstopper of a plant no matter how it is arranged! This succulent looks awesome by itself in a terracotta pot, or used as a statement plant in a full and lush succulent arrangement with other succulents of different textures and leaf shapes.



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