Monstera siltepecana – Succulence

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Common Name: 
'Silver Monstera'

Hardiness Zone/Temperatures: 
USDA Zones 9b to 11 (60-95 degrees F)

Ideal Lighting: 
Bright Indirect - will deal okay with less sun, but leaves will be leggy.

Growing Locations: 
Mostly indoor, though if you have a warmer environment you can grow it outside!

Mature size: 
8' tall (but I've seen taller), with a 3' spread and enormous dinner plate sized leavesate sized leaves

How to Propagate: 
Cuttings - include a node, that's where the roots will come from. Either put the node in water or in wet soil, don't wet or plant the leaves. If you are doing it in water, once the roots are a couple inches long, you can transfer to soil.

Special Features: 
The leaves are very pretty. When it is still juvenile, it has silver markings in its long veiny green leaves. It's a fast grower, it can go 1-2' a year easily. It will become more epiphytic (like most monsteras) once it is large and less juvenile. It will encourage that type of growth if you give it a moss pole to grow on.

Care Instructions: 
Keep it a little moist, don't let it dry too much deeper than 1-2" from the surface of the soil. As it grows, the silver markings that give it its nickname will go away and the plant will likely form fenestrations that will make it a "swiss cheese monstera."

Watch Out For: 
Root rot can be a problem if it isn't planted in a well draining soil. Also, it can have the usual pest suspects like aphids, spider mites, mealybugs etc.

Arrangement Tips:
My friends in Rome have a monstera that is nearly 12 feet tall that is mostly growing around an gigantic moss pole that is about 18" circumference. I recommend growing yours that way, too.




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