Philodendron 'El Choco Red' – Succulence

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Latin name: Philodendron rubrijuvenilum. This name comes from the red backing on the juvenile leaves. This coloring disappears as the plant matures!

Temperatures: this plant prefers temperatures around 77 degrees F.

Lighting and Growing Locations: bright ambient light to lower lighting. Too much light can burn the foliage! For these reasons, this plant grows best in our climate indoors; though it can grow outdoors in a warm shaded area.

Special Facts: it is native to the Choco region of Ecuador. Indoors, it can grow up to three feet tall, but it can grow even larger in its native habitat. This is especially true when the plant is allowed to grow vertically on a tree or pole.

Care Instructions: water this plant when the soil is dry about halfway down. This plant appreciates supplemental humidity, which you can give it using a pebble tray or humidifier!



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